Intercollegiate Mens Lacrosse Coaches Association Addresses New Recruiting Rules

Institutes New Event Accreditation Program

Avon, CT (April 18, 2017) ─ When news broke Friday that the NCAA had passed new recruiting legislation, there was a feeling of great accomplishment by the IMLCA.  The IMLCA provided full support to the IWLCA and collectively presented all the facts to the NCAA DI Council. 

“We feel this is good for the game, good for the families involved, and good for college lacrosse coaches and our programs.  We are very excited about this development and as an organization, we look forward to helping our coaches navigate this next chapter of college lacrosse recruiting and work through the issues that result” said Mike Murphy, 1st Vice President of the IMLCA and Head Coach at the University of Pennsylvania.

The legislation will become effective immediately after being labeled “noncontroversial” by the NCAA DI Council.   This new legislation will eliminate any contact with players and their immediate parents or legal guardians until September 1 of a player’s junior year.  This process will provide a platform for players to develop and ultimately, provide potential opportunities for rising juniors and seniors.

“The NCAA has done a good thing for our game that will lead to better decisions by families to benefit the student athlete and ultimately help all our institutions. It is important that we slow down the recruiting process and that will have a good result for everyone involved. We have an amazing set of coaches in our game who are the best of their profession. This is the correct legislation at the correct time for the continued improvement of our game” said past IMLCA President, current Board Member and Furman Head Coach Richie Meade.

“We would like to thank all the folks involved with moving this legislation through to the end, especially attorney Samantha Ekstrand. Our Coaches worked with the IWLCA and its leadership to communicate the importance of change in the area commonly known as “early recruiting”.  Whenever there is change – there are challenges.  We will continue to work with the IWLCA to navigate these challenges.  The IMLCA leadership is especially proud of our Coaches for their overriding commitment and concern for what is in the best interest of the students/recruits involved in the process” said J.B. Clarke, IMLCA President and Head Coach at Limestone University

To align with this new legislation, the IMLCA is rolling out its Event Accreditation Program (EAP).   “In collaboration with events across the country, we will provide coach verification and transparency for event owners, families and our coaches.  Whenever an IMLCA member coach is attending an event, we want to make sure their name, title and associated institution is verified and visible to all parties involved” said IMLCA General Manager, Graham Leveston.    

For all information related to the recruiting legislation, please click this link

NCAA Legislation Page

For all information related to the Event Accreditation Program (EAP), please contact Graham Leveston, General Manager at [email protected]


The IMLCA was created to help build the game of lacrosse, become the premier organization providing coaches development and monitor the integrity of the game.  Its membership is comprised of individual collegiate coaches.  To further expose its value, the IMLCA has created relationships with the high school boy’s lacrosse coaches and the collegiate club lacrosse coaches so that they too can benefit from the initiatives of the Association.